The dichotomy of the human brain and how that affects the process of change

We live in a time of constant change, constant transformation, and the expectation that we will adopt the latest technologies every day. How does this world relate to trends in health management, digitization, and human brain performance? Are we, the change agents, digital pioneers, and project managers of the world, expecting too much from peopleContinue reading “The dichotomy of the human brain and how that affects the process of change”

When people and companies become meaningful: Finding your North Star

Throughout my professional career, I have never worked for an organization that did not have a set of values. And that is not because I explicitly looked for companies that had a clear value proposition. At the time I was (just) looking for an employer; the topic of “company values” wasn’t particularly important to me.Continue reading “When people and companies become meaningful: Finding your North Star”

Intelligent digital decision making based on values and ethical norms 

Artificial intelligence is often discussed in terms of ethics, how the bias of the data set can be reduced to zero, but also in terms of how the technology can be controlled, monitored, and manipulated. At the moment, that I am writing this, I realize: Why don’t we ask ourselves this question when a humanContinue reading “Intelligent digital decision making based on values and ethical norms “

Garbage in, garbage out.

For the first time in my life, I ran a marathon this year. My pure joy at finishing it, prompted me to buy a very detailed photo package from the organiser, which used not only my participant number, but also sophisticated facial recognition, to find out which of the hundreds of thousands of photos itContinue reading “Garbage in, garbage out.”

Leadership through honesty

Trust and honesty have such a significant role in our modern societies. With the World Wide Web, we are more transparent than ever and can access various databases at any time and from anywhere. Meanwhile, there is an overabundance of “knowledge”. Truth and falsity cannot always be determined with certainty. There is also no wayContinue reading “Leadership through honesty”

 Creatures of habit

Insecurity – a feeling we all experience in a variety of situations in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. Insecurity is often negatively stigmatized and in organizations associated with individual weakness. People often forget that insecurity is nothing more than our built-in compass to keep us away from something unknown – that might beContinue reading ” Creatures of habit”

“The change will set you free, but first it will piss you off …”

Typically, this is how transitions begin. This is true whether the transition is private or professional. That may explain why many business projects that can be classified as “change management” fail. A negative experience cycle is not a good starting point for change projects. In order for these projects to have been successful, what wouldContinue reading ““The change will set you free, but first it will piss you off …””

Does the use of digital platforms reduce moral hazard?

An interesting research paper by Meng Liu, Erik Brynjolfsson and Jason Dowlatabadi about the reduction of moral hazard due to digital platforms. We see a rapid change in the way we book services and buy products, not just due to Covid. The chance for people to rate services in real time is nowadays available to everyone-Continue reading “Does the use of digital platforms reduce moral hazard?”

Morality, change, and transformation pique my interest

There has always been disruption and change in my life. Originally, I envisioned myself by the age of 8 as a judge, by the age of 10 as the Robin Hood of the internet and deploy a hack to improve the lives of others until I was 16 and decided that I would be aContinue reading “Morality, change, and transformation pique my interest”