Hello, Future!

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Our blog is about morals, ethics, technology, change, and people! As well as providing an opportunity to discuss creative ideas, this blog should assist in explaining trends, raising morals, and making them understandable! The vision is simple: enable humanizing change by adapting technology to people, not the other way around! Whether it’s climate change, social structures, or disruptive technologies, we all have a responsibility to future generations. This is the right place if you are excited about the future and want to actively shape it! 

The dichotomy of the human brain and how that affects the process of change

We live in a time of constant change, constant transformation, and the expectation that we will adopt the latest technologies every day. How does this world relate to trends in health management, digitization, and human brain performance? Are we, the change agents, digital pioneers, and project managers of the world, expecting too much from people…

When people and companies become meaningful: Finding your North Star

Throughout my professional career, I have never worked for an organization that did not have a set of values. And that is not because I explicitly looked for companies that had a clear value proposition. At the time I was (just) looking for an employer; the topic of “company values” wasn’t particularly important to me.…

Intelligent digital decision making based on values and ethical norms 

Artificial intelligence is often discussed in terms of ethics, how the bias of the data set can be reduced to zero, but also in terms of how the technology can be controlled, monitored, and manipulated. At the moment, that I am writing this, I realize: Why don’t we ask ourselves this question when a human…

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